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Septic Tank Covers


Septic tank covers are necessary most of the time for a few reasons.

  • First of all, they need to protect the septic tank vent/overflow from the weather.
  • Secondly, they fill a vital role in keeping your yard from having huge pipes just sticking out, both for aesthetic and functional purposes.

Some people put caps on this pipe, but this is not always the best thing. For one, this can cause the septic to overflow into your home! And second, this can keep your septic system from venting properly, which can cause a whole new host of problems for you and your septic situation.

 septic tank cover

 septic covers

So, if you are having trouble deciding what to do for septic tank covers, here is some information that you will be glad to hear. You can get aesthetically pleasing septic tank covers at a variety of places, and these covers actually solve all of the problems that you have come to expect from normal septic tank drain systems.

For one, these attractive-looking septic tank covers come in a wide variety of eye pleasing designs. You can get covers that look like rocks, turtles, or many other things. They can either look real and natural, or they can look like yard ornaments. This way, you can disguise your septic pipes with covers that either look natural or like they are meant to be there, instead of having it just sticking up into your yard for everyone to see.

You can also get special septic tank covers that are specifically designed to vent well, meaning that you can choose whether you just want to hide your septic drain pipes, or actually do a better job venting them!

septic cover

 septic tank covers

Septic tank covers are a basic necessity for your yard if you want it to look nice, so here are some tips on getting the best septic tank covers for your yard online. First off, find someone who offers a lot of different varieties. You probably want as many different purchase options to choose from as you can get, so do some looking around and find a good variety of septic tank covers that might work for you.

We've highlighted the pictures of a few options on this site (and we'll keep adding pictures over time). Examine your yard, and find out what would go best with it. Do you want covers that blend in naturally with your yard, like rocks, or would you prefer something like a cover that looks like a turtle? There are all kinds of possibilities, so you just need to decide what would work best for your yard.



Price is not usually a huge concern with a product like this, because these septic tank covers are relatively inexpensive most of the time, even if they are 'designer' in nature. However, figuring out what you want to spend beforehand is always a good idea so that you can stick to your budget.

New septic tank covers can make your yard look like a brand new place. You would not believe how great it is not to have to look at those unsightly pipes coming up out of the ground!